Let's Put You at a Global Advantage in Terms of Visibility, Promotion, and Growth.

We provide top-notch management and promotional services to artists across different niches through our vast knowledge of the industry and high level of professionalism.

Brand & Talent Management

For an artist to reach the peak of his/her career, you need the right management team to back you up. Whether you are a newbie or a fairly established artist, we have an effective brand and talent management team that will give you unmatched results.

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Structuring of Record Label

With our top-notch management skills, we provide effective structures that would help you register, establish and grow your new or existing record label and also manage your talents.

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Talent Booking

We provide the necessary logistics to make your event a delightful experience by recommending artists who will deliver an outstanding performance. We also serve as a link between artists, bringing together the right collaboration to make your next song a smash hit.

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Music Promotions

Being an artist requires much effort and concentration to make your passion a reality. Handling your promotions by yourself can be overwhelming, and could make you become less effective. We provide the right promotions that bring you awareness and also help you build & nurture closer relationships with your audience that will make you stand out from the crowd while you fully concentrate and pour out your heart and soul into the work without being burdened.

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Brand Partnership

Most times working alone produces slow progress while connecting with the right kind of people is usually a life-changing experience for an artist. Due to our vast knowledge of the industry, we can get you in touch with amazing artists and brands and get you to collaborate with them on projects. And this allows you to grow your creativity like a Pro.

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A & R

Due to our vast knowledge, we guide and assist you in selecting the best tracks for your next EP or album release and also help you determine the best time to promote your music.

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Reviews from People We've Worked With

Working with FLPRO Limited was excellent, the company is very transparent. They are goal-getters.




Working with FLPRO Limited has been great, very transparent and efficient .



Co-director, Marvsage Entertainment

They bring a whole new meaning to quality. They are top notch.



BBN Season 6, TV Reality Star